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Period Postcard. Terrell-Wright Collection.

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Period Postcard. Terrell-Wright Collection.

Sliding Down The Slip

Period Postcard. Terrell-Wright Collection.

Entering River Lagan

Latest Book Published By The Authors

Volume 1
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ISBN: 0752446066
Vol. 688 p

Volume 2

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ISBN: 0752446264
Vol. 512 p


  It is Titanic’s close association with her older sister Olympic that brought about the title of this book. Maritime historians will immediately recognize “The Ship Magnificent” as the advertising phrase used for Olympic in White Star Line brochures later in her career. Such catch phrases were created for some of the other great liners as well. Because Titanic’s career was cut short on the morning of April 15, 1912, after striking an iceberg in the North Atlantic on her maiden voyage, she never had the opportunity to carry such a phrase of distinction. Given the fact that these two ships were near-identical twins, Olympic’s catch phrase has been used as the title for this book.

  Titanic - The Ship Magnificent is a comprehensive book about all aspects of the actual ship itself. It does not delve into accounts of her passengers, nor does it detail the ship’s sinking. Many books have done that well, and in great detail. Since the day Titanic passed into history, people have been writing books about the circumstances surrounding the loss of this great ship. And yet, little has been written about the ship herself - the design, the structural details, interiors, fittings and engineering of what is arguably the most famous ship ever built. While it is true that certain technical journals at the time - most notably The Shipbuilder, The Engineer and Engineering - featured articles on Olympic and Titanic, they only covered the major technical aspects of the ship in detail.


  Even the dedicated historian is hard-pressed to find anything containing more than a cursory description of the details of Titanic’s design, appearance and fittings, or how she was constructed. For those interested in Titanic’sinteriors, little information is detailed in period sources beyond descriptions of the grandest of her public rooms and deluxe staterooms.

  Titanic - The Ship Magnificent covers every area of Titanic, from her structural members to her luxurious appointments, all organized by subject matter across 37 individual chapters. Vol. I of the book covers the details of her construction, fittings and specific areas by subject matter, beginning with her construction. Vol. 2 covers the layout of the ship deck-by-deck. While the book can readily be read cover-to-cover, a reader with a specific interest may also skip a chapter or chapters, going directly to a subject of interest. A comprehensive index will readily guide the reader to a detailed explanation of a term or subject that may be referenced elsewhere in the text, or to assist the reader in returning to a subject later. Featuring over 1,550 drawings, plans, builder’s photographs and other images illustrate the text.

  While much of the information presented in the book is, by necessity, technical in nature, the authors and editor have gone to great lengths to provide clear explanations to the layperson without reducing the information in scope or detail. A glossary of nearly 1,000 items is also included to assist the reader with an unfamiliar term that may be encountered. Whether you have a general interest in Titanic or are researching a specific area in detail, Titanic- The Ship Magnificent will reveal Titanic to you as you’ve never seen before. This book will have equal appeal to Titanic fans, maritime historians, collectors, shipbuilders, engineers, and researchers. Much of the information presented will also be of value to those interested in other ocean liners of the period. For libraries, the book is an outstanding addition to the Reference section.

  For the authors, this book is the culmination of a lifetime of research and study into the most famous ocean liner of all time. No other book comes close to this one in its scope or depth of study. Titanic- The Ship Magnificent is currently in its 4th reprint.

  For 2012, a Special Limited-Release Edition of this two-volume set will be available in March 19th, 2012. Bound in leather and in its own slipcase, each set will have a numbered bookplate signed by all five authors. Only 250 copies will be printed and are certain to become collector’s items. For those who want the finest copy available of this iconic book, the leatherbound special edition is a must-have item. Available exclusively through The History Press website.

Bookplates individually numbered and hand-signed by all five authors.
Genuine leather bindings and a black slipcase with gold letters.
Gilt-edged pages, head and tail bands, a ribbon marker and black endpapers.
1200 pages and over 1,500 plans, photographs, plans and other images.

- Bruce Beveridge -
Bruce Beveridge
- Scott Andrews -
Scott Andrews
- Steve Hall -

Steven Hall

- Daniel Klistorner -
Daniel Klistorner
- Art Braunschweiger -
Art Braunschweiger

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